No 196     September 29


Today while reading the comments,

A thought came to my mind,

Without these poems that we all read,

Nothing about us we would find.


For months now wed know nothing,

About how we were doing,

Without this bit of poetry,

Wed have no way of knowing.


Im just short of 200 poems,

And I think its been worthwhile,

To hear how you are getting on,

And sometimes bring a smile.


Sometimes I may get a laugh,

Usually at my expense,

But Im glad you keep on reading them,

You all know it makes sense.


For months now we would not have met,

Not sit and have a chat,

And of course no gossip,

Im sure well all miss that.


So although its not the answer,

For the moment its the best weve got,

Ill search for inspiration,

So I dont lose the plot.