No 197     September 30


I’m sure that this all happened,

To all you mothers out there,

As the children grow up,

Their eating becomes a nightmare.


Some like this and others don’t,

They’re very hard to please,

So I decided on a system,

The problem start to ease.


They used to shout into the kitchen,

I want this or don’t want that,

Then after we had finished,

Some on their plates still sat.


It was then that I decided,

We’d have to have a change,

So I put everything in bowls,

On the table was all the range.


So when they had all finished,

All the leftovers were intact,

No food was thrown into the bin,

And the frying pan came into the act.


I’d fry up all the leftovers,

And waited for them to speak,

But they all loved the leftovers,

Turned in to “Bubble & Squeak”.