No 198     October 01


              When I look in the mirror,

              The reflection, this old gimmer,

              Who desperately needs a facelift,

              And possibly a zimmer.


              Iíll start eating less and drinking more,

              That is water, of course,

              I know you think already,

              Nothing could be worse.


              But weíve got used to lockdown,

              Our lives did rearrange,

              Think of the final outcome,

              Anyone can change.


              One day you may look back and think,

              This lockdown changed my ways,

              Now I am happy with myself,

              Gone are those dreadful days.


              So whilst we are having to stay in,

              Letís put it to some use,

              I just wonít let it beat me,

              I simply just refuse.


              Well, I wrote the above a while ago,

              So of course things have changed,

              All my good intentions,

              Are now all disarranged.


              It really isnít my fault,

              The virus is still here,

              I wish I had a magic wand,

              To make it disappear.


              When this is all over,

              What tales weíll have to tell,

              Some will have enjoyed it,

              For others it was hell.


              Geoff does want to see you all,

              But will you please refrain,

              From telling Celia anything,

              Or she will start again.