No 199     October 02


Iíll have to think of something,

It may not always be funny,

It may not always be topical,

But it will start your day off sunny.


If you can get a verse from me,

Doesnít matter what itís about,

Youíd rather have a little poem,

Than have to go withts,



I may write about Emmerdale,

Or even Coronation Street,

But Iím not like the TV,

And donít just bring repeats.


Iíll think of other subjects,

Ďcause after 200ís gone on line,

I suppose to keep in touch with you,

Iíll find something and make it rhyme.


So look out for new subjects,

But Iíll be keeping watch,

To see if weíre getting nearer,

To getting out of Covidís clutch.


You know Iíll think of something,

And write to you each day,

My dream would be to let you know,

At last it had gone away.