No 20   April 6        


            Our holidays are cancelled,

              And Iím a little sad,

              Iím just sat here remembering,

              The good ones we have had.


              The beaches are so beautiful,

              Geoff likes swimming in the sea,

              But Iím not a good swimmer,

              And the sea, it frightens me,


              Sometimes, if it is very calm,

              Iíll just give it a try,

              I always have my float with me,

              If my hair got wet Iíd cry.


              One day the waves were rolling in,

              Geoff said ďitís alrightĒ,

              I gave it quite a lot of thought,

              And then I thought I might.


              When you walk down to get in,

              The shells they hurt your feet,

              I must say it was agony,

              I thought I might retreat,


              I did not really enjoy that,

              And thought of the retreat,

              Just then a wave came rolling in,

              And knocked me off my feet.


              The waves kept knocking me back down,

              As I slipped through Geoffís hands,

              Another man rushed in to help,

              Not quite the day Iíd planned.


              When they got me to my chair,

              Centre of attraction, it was plain,

              I didnít only look a wreck,

              I really was in pain


              When I sat down, it really hurt,

              My brain started ringing bells,

              In the bottom of my costume,

              Was half a ton of shells.