No 200       October 03  


Iíve been and gone and done it,

200th poem today,

I think through all these awful times,

Weíve come a long long way.


We couldnít meet each other,

But this way weíll keep in touch,

Just a little poem each day,

For us itís meant so much


Although things have been bad,

Iím proud of what Iíve created,

Your loyalty to me each day,

Is more than I anticipated.


Weíve been able to hear from our friends,

Even through this trouble,

And now weíre all in one big club,

Itís called ďCeliaís BubbleĒ,


Our bubbles at home are restricted,

So we need more friends if we can,

The rules in our bubble are easy,

There isnít any ban.


So letís carry on recruiting,

It is the place to be,

It helps to keep us all in touch,

And you get a poem from me.


To get to 200 poems,

An achievement itís got to be,

Iíll try to keep my promise,

Itís the virus versus me.