No 201       October 04  


200 Poems have gone now,

And I would like to say,

I couldn’t have done it without Geoff,

He’s sent them every day.


I scribble all my poems down,

How he reads them I can’t tell,

He corrects all my grammar,

And he knows that I can’t spell.


I know you all love the poems,

I think we’ve got a perfect team,

But without Geoff there to help me,

My poems would not be seen.


I know these poems are helping,

And they do you some good,

I’d love to see you all again,

And only wish I could.


Because this virus is still here,

We’re all in the same boat,

But if you join our bubble,

Things won’t seem so remote.


So though things are no better,

And we could often curse,

Just sit down with a coffee,

And each day read Celia’s verse.