No 202       October 05


Well our Anniversary is over,

Iíve got to think of something new,

I donít want to burst my bubble,

I need to keep in touch with you.


Weíre all in a big club now,

You can all talk to each other,

So read the comments every day,

And talk to one another.


Itís just a way to keep in touch,

As Covidís going on and on,

But by being in this special club,

We are in touch with everyone.


Geoff is always on the ball,

To send a message to you,

Then we sit back to enjoy ourselves,

With your comments there to view.


Weíll get the better of Covid yet,

Though no one else can do it,

With this club weíve started,

We will all get through it.


So to all the friends we have out there,

We send you love and best wishes,

Now Fingers finished typing,

He can start to wash the dishes.


Fingers loves holidays, dancing and washing up,

This is the truth for sure,

What a lucky girl I am,

Who could ask for more.