No 203       October 06


Today we’ve been out shopping,

It was pouring down with rain,

We went to Home Bargains,

The long queues were back again.


People are panic buying,

They’re frightened of what’s to come,

You can’t really blame them,

This thing is not yet done,


We used to get some warning,

And given time to prepare,

But now it came the night before,

It really isn’t fair.


So please all look after yourselves,

And get in what you need,

‘cause if they lock us down again,

Who knows when we’ll be freed.


Geoff’s gone into the shop himself,

And left me in the car,

I find it very hard to stand,

And the queue went back so far.


Geoff’s very good at shopping,

He does it all the time,

So if I’m sitting in the car,

I compose another rhyme,