No 204       October 07


It seems like such a long time,

Since I said Iíd write a poem each day,

Covidís trying to beat me,

It doesnít know me very well, thatís all that I can say.


You know a lot about me,

Iíll try to think of more,

After living such a long time,

More stories thereíll be for sure,


I may send you different things,

Not covid or about me,

But Iíll put something into verse,

Youíll have to wait and see,


For instance I use Fairy Liquid,

I think it is the best,

Itís very concentrated,

And lasts longer than the rest.


We couldnít get a small one,

So a large we had to buy,

I said to Geoff, this will be going strong,

When Iíve to say ďgoodbyeĒ.


Well now Iíll have to eat my words,

And hope that I was wrong,

The bottles nearly gone now,

Weíve to get another one.


I think that Iíll outlive it,

And canít believe my eyes,

And when we buy another one,

Iíll get the smaller size.