No 205       October 08


When I was young Iíd a problem,

I was always very tall,

I really hated this,

And wanted to be small.


My dad was really very tall,

In fact he was six feet four,

My mother on the other hand,

Was small, at five feet four.


At school I always stood out,

Taller than the rest,

Why did I take after dad,

When my mother looked the best.


When in my teens I went dancing,

I didnít have much joy,

My friend was really very small,

So Iíd to be the boy.


But at last I feel quite normal,

The human race has grown,

Thereís a lot more people very tall,

I donít stand out on my own.


In fact some of my grandchildren,

Have to look down on me,

I want them to look up to me,

And of course, like what they see.


Iím happy now to be quite tall,

I just donít have a bother,

But I still would have liked,

Brown eyes just like my mother.