No 206       October 09


When my children were all young,

In the garden they had to stay,

We lived by a very busy main road,

So they were safe to play.


All the gates were securely locked,

We had a swing and slide,

The only trouble really was,

All the other kids wanted to be inside.


I’d usually end up with about ten,

But that I didn’t mind,

As long as all mine were safe,

And the others thought I was kind.


When all of them were inside,

And I’d locked all the gates,

Mine thought it was just wonderful,

‘cause they had all their mates.


The only person who gave me grief,

Was my father who lived four doors away,

He’d come and see my playground,

And grumble every day.


In front of his house was some space,

And If I let them play there,

I’d still have them all to watch,

But my father, he went “spare”.


I should have left them with him,

And said “well you look after them”,

That would have been the end of us,

We’d never have spoken again