No 207       October 10


When I said a poem each day,

Something similar I had tried,

When I tell you what I did,

Youll think I should be certified.


When I was in business,

At Christmas every year,

Id take my best customers a bottle,

And wish them Christmas cheer.


It then came to my attention,

And I was at a loss,

Often the office staff took it home,

It never reached the boss.


As the presents cost us quite a lot,

This really upset me,

In future when I took something,

The boss man I would see.


It had to be something seasonal,

So of course, a Christmas cake,

I knew it would take some time,

But it was something I loved to make.


To see the boss man wasnt easy,

But I got him to see,

After the first year he got his gift,

He insisted on seeing me.


So every year for years and years,

At least 40 cakes Id make,

Now you may all believe me,

When I say I love to bake.