No 209       October 12


Were all getting ready,

For another set of rules,

Looks like everything might be closed down,

Apart from all the schools.


I suppose that all the children,

Will need mothers to take them to school,

And the teachers have to be there,

Do they have to break the rules.


I dont really know anything,

Its just things that I have heard,

You just hear people talking,

And listen to every word.


We try to hear some good news,

But that seems in short supply,

Its because no-one knows anything,

All they can do is try.


There seems to be no ending,

2020 has been a mess,

Christmas, New Year, everything ,

Im resigned to caring less.


Our Christmas Eves are special,

It will be off this year I fear,

Lets hope to goodness it will be,

A Special one next year.


But weve no way of knowing,

When this thing will end,

If Fingers still has things to type,

Wed drive you round the bend.