No 21   April 7 


            We may feel to be suffering,

            From our families we’ve been torn,

            But I can tell you from the past’

            We don’t know we’ve been born.


            My mum was the eldest child of ten,

            And life seemed Oh so cruel,

            At 12 she went to the mill half-time,

            And the afternoon to school.


            They’d set off every morning,

            Sometimes it was still dark,

            They’d have a sandwich in their pocket,

            And of course they had to walk.


            They had an epidemic of flu,

            Many years ago you will find,

            It killed many thousands,

            And devastation left behind.


            There were little twins in my mums family,

            And with the flu both died,

            I remember my mum telling me,

            How she’d cried and cried and cried,


            When the twins were buried,

            The ground was thick with snow,

            My grandma didn’t have any shoes,

            And so in her slippers had to go.


            So let’s feel we are lucky,

            For the lifestyle we have got,

            And all pull together,

            And be happy with our lot.