No 210       October 13


Geoff gets all my poems typed up,

All ready to send to you,

I suppose he could get quite annoyed,

When I say Iíve got something new,


Heíll say Iíve typed tomorrows,

But Iíll say this needs sending now,

He just gets on and types it,

We never have a row.


Itís because heís such a patient soul,

I must drive him to distraction,

When he sees me sit down again,

And the pen goes into action.


The poems are all in one big bag,

All typed up with 50 on a clip,

It really is so heavy now,

I may need a new hip.


So much better when we get the book,

At least Iíll have something to show,

For this dreadful 2020,

It will let the children know.


Since I started sending poems,

Many people have said to me,

Theyíd love to have a book to show,

Their grand children