No 212       October 15


I must say through the last months,

Geoff and I have managed fine,

I’ve written my poetry,

And Geoff’s put them on line.


The appreciation for our work,

Has really kept us going,

You all have helped us all so much,

You had no way of knowing.


The time has passed quite quickly,

Because we’ve been in touch,

The poems we send you daily,

Have really helped so much.


The rules keep changing all the time,

Sometimes they’re hard to follow,

Best to just get on with it,

Although it’s hard to swallow.


While you try not to break the rules,

And do as you’ve been told,

We’re all wanting to get through this,

And for once, want to grow old.


We can’t let this virus beat us,

We’ve all got to put up a fight,

Just keep thinking what you’ll do,

When everything is right.


You’ll probably want to go dancing,

They’re probably all forgotten,

We’ll not forget 2020 just as quick,

‘cause it’s been simply rotten.