No 213       October 16


Because of being in a bubble,    

We just see 2 great grandchildren as a rule,

We love to see both of them,

Be there when Leah comes from school. 


Sheís always tales to tell us,

But yesterday stopped us in our track,

We were just so speechless,

Just couldnít answer back.


She said ďIíve got a boyfriendĒ,

About his request she didnít hesitate,

She said his name is Henry,

Heís asked me on a date.


Well being only six,

We thought this quite unreal,

But as she continued,

Concerned we began to feel.


She said Iím getting married,

She was over the moon,

From what we could gather,

It would be very soon.


She asked us for some paper,

And then began to write,

She covered up the paper,

So nothing was in sight.


Suddenly she started crying,

Mum Iíll have to stop,

Iím writing out my wedding list,

And youíre not at the top.


She started another list then,

But before we could go anywhere,

She said please look here Grandma,

You and granddad are next down here.