No 214       October 17


This virus is horrendous,

It just goes on and on,

But weíve beaten it a little bit,

Keeping in touch with everyone.


It really makes me happy,

When you all keep in touch,

Itís gone on such a long time,

We miss the company so much.


Iím really very placid,

But Covidís getting to me bit by bit,

So sometimes to myself,

I say ď Damn, Blast & Bugger ItĒ.


I shouldnít really be like that,

People are suffering everywhere,

But then of course weíll never know,

If like me it makes them swear.


We just sit back and take it,

Accept what we are told,

I know at some point it will go,

But Iím rapidly getting old.


No thatís not right, I am old,

But Iím still young at heart,

When all the things weíve missed come back,

Iíll be there taking part.