No 215       October 18


Sometimes when I sit thinking,

A thought often comes to me,

How lovely it is going to be,

When all our friends we see.


Of course it is just being me,

Keeps me from being bored,

Id love to see all of you,

And of course the ones abroad.


Weve friends dotted all around the world,

And we are stuck at home,

Luckily weve kept in touch,

By sending a little poem.


I must say it does not compare,

To sitting round a pool,

And then jumping into it,

Just to keep me cool.


When I think of that water,

This year weve had our share,

Every time I go out,

Ive to cover up my hair.


No sandals or summer dresses,

Trainers and hoods on a coat,

To get away from the caravan,

We should have had a boat.


I think its rained almost every day,

Our sunbeds have not been out,

With Covid to cope with,

Weve suffered theres no doubt.


But lets look on the bright side,

Well get out, and the sun will shine,

But when I stop these poems to you,

You will miss, me and mine.