No 216       October 19


I know you love the poems I send,

And they bring me so much pleasure,

Seeing all my bubbles keep in touch,

Are moments that I treasure.


Please read all the comments,

And answer if you can,

Its our only way to keep in touch,

And beat this dreadful ban.


We can all talk together,

Its easy to keep on track,

And now were all so friendly,

No-one talks behind your back.


Of course that was just a joke,

Its this sense of humour of mine,

But sometimes Ive no option,

Just to make the damn things rhyme.


It would be so good to see you all,

I think weve had enough,

The lockdown seems to be here again,

It really is quite rough.


I do hope that you realise,

Shelf could be different the way it looks,

Instead of cakes and goodies,

Well just be selling books.