No 217       October 20


I think some of you got muddled up,

About the books at Shelf,

They are not just any books,

But the ones we’ve done ourself.


A lot of you have asked us,

To put our poems into a book,

Well it is well on it’s way,

So you can have a look.


It’s called “The Lockdown Laureate”,

A record of these times,

Of course it will be different,

When everything in it rhymes.


Any money made from the sales,

Will go to the Line Dance Foundation,

To feel that we’ve done something good,

For us is a sensation.


Of course we couldn’t have done it,

If you hadn’t have joined my bubble,

We do thank you for your support,

Your comments, likes and trouble.


We hope this book gets handed down,

To future generations,

This rotten time we’ve gone through,

Could end up a sensation.


So please when we get back to Shelf,

You mustn’t have your tea,

There will still be a lovely spread,

Of course all made by me.