No 219       October 23


During the last world war,

It was a well known fact,

There was a theatre in London,

Every night put on an act.


It never ever closed itís doors,

For the forces it was there,

It was called The Windmill Theatre,

They were always there to care.


London was being gutted,

Children sent away,

But The Windmill still kept open,

For the forces every day.


Well the war went on for seven years,

Thatís just what worries me,

Just what can I talk about,

I wonít let this thing beat me.


Iíve told you all about my life,

Something else Iíll have to find,

But please donít start to worry,

Something else will come to mind.


Youíre keeping me from Alzheimerís,

Iíve still got work to do,

Iíll just keep my brain working,

And keep in touch with you.