No 22   April 8


            Iíve been keeping you all happy,

            With the poetry that I write,

            Donít ask me where it comes from,

            It could be day or sometimes night,


            I was thinking of the people,

            Who couldnít go to work,

            Were they missing working,

            Or felt it was a perk,


            I was thinking when you went to work,        

            Into the office you would walk,

            It surprised you when the boss walked in,

            And said Iíd like to talk.


            Iím giving you 3 months holiday,

            Starting from tomorrow,

            My mind was working overtime,           

            While I tried to recover,


            I think Iíll take a holiday,

            A long one thatís for sure,

            And visit all the places,

            Iíve never been before.


            I wonít have to get up early,

            In that awful traffic drive,         

            Iíve got to do it every day,

            Donít know how I survive.


            I forgot the boss, still standing there,

            And as he turned about,

            You didnít let me finish,

            For 3 months you canít go out.