No 220       October 23


I know I shouldnít say this,

But I donít watch the news,

All you hear is doom & gloom,

I simply just refuse.


All the rules and regulations,

I just wait to be told,

If my attempts just arenít good enough,

I say well Iím too old.


I try to live on our good times,

Of them weíve had a lot,

Although memories are wonderful,

They just donít hit the spot.


When a minister, flippantly comes out and says,

It could be another year,

At nearly 84, this worries me,

Ďcause I may not be here.


I suppose I shouldnít grumble,

Weíve so much on our side,

But sometimes this fed up feeling,

Is very hard to hide.


Iím supposed to send this poetry,

To make your day start sunny,

Well when I say the next bit,

Youíll think it rather funny.


You know I love my sparkly clothes,

And yes, before you ask,

Just to keep in fashion,

Iíve bought a diamante mask.