Today’s poem is a refection on the past couple of days. My results came back positive this morning, still waiting for Celia’s


No 221       October 24


My son’s partner has just been informed,

She tested positive for Covid 19,

As we were with them at the weekend,

We thought we’d best be seen.


After having coughs and colds,

We’ve been in isolation for four days,

But I thought a test was needed,

To prove things either way.


My main concern was Geoff,

I’m not really too bad,

But Geoff was acting all confused,

To see him made me sad.


After we had had our tests,

I rang our surgery,

After about half an hour,

Someone actually spoke to me.


I said I need to speak to a doctor,

And told her all the signs,

She said a doctor would ring me,

I said that would be fine.


After waiting hours,

At last the phone call came,

He gave Geoff the third degree,

Many things he had to name.


He passed with flying colours,

But was still acting weird,

It was not my Geoff I was seeing,

This just made me feared.


The doctor said he would see him,

At a special clinic tomorrow,

He said do you drive or not,

I said I’d rather not bother.


But no-one can take us,

And a taxi’s not to be,

We’re Covid’s rotten victims,

The driving is for me.


The doctor rang back later,

A prescription he’d made out,

He’d sent it through to Asda,

“Could someone help us out”,


Well you know sometimes miracles happen,

As we waited for the pills to arrive,

The phone rang and the doctor said,

I’m outside here on your drive.


He’d called as he was passing,

An gave us both the third degree,

Geoff’s got a temperature,

He’s a lot lot worse than me.


The doctor then said “now you needn’t worry”,

As long as he’s alright,

You needn’t drive to see me,

If he has a good night.


This won’t happen very often,

Some just go that extra mile,

I just feel full of gratitude,

For being put top of the pile.