No 222       October 25


I really am so overwhelmed,

At the responses to our work,

Itís helped to keep us all in touch,

When we couldnít get to talk,


Your comments take my breath away,

They make it all worthwhile,

Letís keep the bubble going,

And go that extra mile.


Weíd love to reply to you all,

But there are just so many,

Better not upset someone,

And not reply to any.


We really do appreciate,

The way youíve kept this going,

Letís hope the book does really well,

And keeps the money flowing.


When we started this venture,

We hadnít got a clue,

But Geoff and I both feel the same,

It would be no god without you.


You used to say to your children,

Just donít dare to answer back,

But now Iím saying do just that,

To keep this thing on track.