No 223       October 26


Fingers isnít well right now,

Heís like another human being,

Heís so tired and weary,

Not much of him have | been seeing.


He comes down for about half an hour,

No improvement can I see,

I know in just a short while,

Back to bed itís going to be.


Heís sleeping for most of the day,

Heís also lost his taste,

He just does not feel hungry,

A special meal would be a waste.


Such a lot of our family have got it,

This second spike seems really bad,

We canít do anything for one another,

The world feels to have gone mad.


I now know what it feels like,

To face this time on your own,

With Geoff in bed most of the time,

I just feel all alone.


I expect him to feel better,

Each time he comes downstairs,

But that just isnít happening,

I get a feeling of despair.


But I will pull us through this,

Iím a tough old bird you see,

I can assure you heís in good hands,

He can rely on me.