No 225       October 28


I wish I had some good news,

But there has been no change,

Heís spending at least 22 hours in bed,

It really does seem strange.


I think it will take at least a week,

Thatís what Iím banking on,

He started this last Thursday,

I hope it will soon be gone.


Everytime he comes downstairs,

Iím longing to see my Geoff,

But it just isnít happening,

Thereís been no change as yet.


Heís probably out of bed at most,

2 hours in the day,

I got a slice of toast in him,

It was hard to get down he did say.


Iím sure the next few days will see a change,

Heís my best friend and my pal,

Iíll get him right just here with me,

For him, no hospital.