No 226       October 29


AT LAST, Thereís some improvement,

Heís more himself today,

Heís stayed up and eaten,

Some relief has come my way.


I think that it will take a while,

But weíll take things bit by bit,

As long as he is just awake,

Even if all he does is sit,


I canít begin to tell you,

How good this makes me feel,

Now all I want to do for him,

Is cook him a nice meal.


I think heís got his case back,

And he now realises Iím here,

If he ignores me once again,

Iíll clip him round the ear.


To be honest heís not seemed with it,

And he always puts me first,

For him to not take care of me,

My heart felt it would burst.


But now I think heís with me,

Letís hope he improves each day,

And this rotten Covid virus,

Will soon be on itís way.