No 227       October 30


We both seem to be poorly,

But were managing to keep going,

This virus is awful,

We had no way of knowing.


Geoffs getting better every day,

But he still sleeps a lot,

Now Ive started sleeping,

Although Id rather not.


I suppose Ive worried quite a lot,

But now an improvement I can see,

Im able to rest a bit,

A little time for me.


Thanks for all your wishes,

It helps to make our day,

Well get there dont you doubt it,

This virus we will slay.


You all know were a good team,

And will pull each other through,

So keep our bubble going,

Heres sending love to you.


These poems we must keep going,

I cannot let them slip,

So come on Geoff, get out of bed,

Im stood here with my whip.