2 Poems Today


No 228       October 31


Geoffís feeling a bit better,

But far from being right,

I think that I feel worse now,

Iím going to have to fight.


It is an awful illness,

Weíre both so sleepy and worn out,

But we will get there before long,

Of that there is no doubt.


Keep sending all your love to us,

It will help us through,

To know all the friends we have out there,

Want us to pull through.


Weíre just sleeping all the time,

That just isnít me,

But a few days of resting,

Iím sure a change weíll see.


About this rotten virus,

Lotís of bad words come to hand,

Iíd better not put them in my poems,

Or from Facebook Iíd be banned.


Of course we wouldnít want that,

So say a few choice words for me,

Whatever they are please rest assured,

With them I will agree.

No 228 A       October 31


This poemís a little different,

I hope it may help you,

So littleís known about Covid,

It may help to see you through.


You know we were both tested positive,

I had to try to be a nurse,

So Iíll just tell you how itís been,

And put it all in verse.


At first you lose your smell and taste,

Then the tiredness kicks in,

You want to sleep around the clock,

No appetite thereís been.


The only advice I can give you,

Is drink water all day long,

Then just keep going off to sleep,

The rest can do no wrong.


I hope none of you get it,

It drains you, thatís for sure,

I hope that this may help you,

And very soon they find a cure.