No 229       November 01


We’ve got to keep sending poems,

I think it keeps us going,

To let you know our progress,

It’s our only means of showing.


We’re doing this together,

Much else we do not do,

I think it’s helping both of us,

To keep in touch with you.


We’re like the “Windmill Theatre”,

Like them we never close,

But unlike them we’re fully dressed,

Not sat here without clothes.


I hope my book will be out soon,

But it would make my day,

If I could show the whole world,

The beautiful things you have to say.


My poems have reached so many,

I feel they’ve done some good,

I just can’t wait to see you all,

It would be lovely if we could.


So please don’t worry any more,

I think we’re on the mend,

In Celia’s usual silly style,

LOL  I think we’re “round the bend”.