No 23   April 9



            Were suffering at the moment,

            Its miserable right now,

            But think about the future,

            Listen close, Ill tell you how.


            They say youre never too old,

            To learn something new,

            Well since Ive been on lockdown,

            Im finding this quite true,


            Geoffs very good at shopping,

            I dont do it myself,

            He knows where they have everything,

            He also knows the shelf.


            We used to check the shelves at home,

            Then we would make a list,

            Wed arrive at the shops without it,

            Once again it had been missed.


            There wasnt much we needed,

            But wed have a look around,

            An when we got to checkout,

            It cost us forty pound.


            So now its better planning,

            Since things have been so bleak,

            Now were having it brought in for us,

            Its got to last a week.


            When this thing is over,

            And no shopping every day,

            Well have to find something else to do,

            I think Ive found a way,


            Now were saving so much money,

            And as everybody knows,

            I can do the shopping,

            And spend it all on clothes.