No 230         November 02


I love to start your day off,

With a laugh, which we all need,

I feel very satisfied,

If at this I can succeed.


Geoff said to me this morning,

“You look beautiful today”,

I said “Oh my God it’s come back”,

I thought your temperature had gone away.


Geoff often says I look nice,

And for me at 83,

It’s lovely someone thinks so,

The mirror says he’s kidding me.


I hope this Covid goes soon,

I’m getting older by the minute,

I want to get my passport out,

I don’t want to have to bin it.


We should have been in Marco now,

Swimming in the pool,

Instead we’re stuck in lockdown,

Life at the moment is so cruel.


But of course you know I’m very strong,

And there will come a day,

When out comes that Passport,

And I will fly away.