No 231       November 03


Many, many years ago,

I took the kids to Blackpool Zoo,

Of course they loved the monkeys,

I think the monkeys loved them too.


Of course they loved the animals,

A full time job for me,

But when it cost us so much,

Everything we had to see,


For lunch it was the cafeteria,

Another hectic time,

One wants this, the other that,

I hadn’t any time for mine.


It really was a long queue,

On the tray things kept going on,

We waited such a long time,

When I looked some of it had gone.


The snack cost me a fortune,

Well overpriced for sure,

Never mind what they had eaten,

I wasn’t paying any more.


When I said it was time to go,

“Please let us see another one”,

I was absolutely jiggered,

And wished I’d never gone.