No 232         November 04


Apparently some Remembrance Day parades have been cancelled,

This we cannot just let go,

For the men and women who died for us,

We need everyone to know.


I think we should still have poppies,

Iím sure no one would object,

Weíve always had them, every year,

Their significance was perfect.


We wonít be banging pan lids,

Our support will be in silence,

Just giving thought to those who died,

For 2 minutes of remembrance.


To do it from our doorsteps,

This year it will have to be,

Letís pray that next year at this time,

We will all be free.


Some people will not do this,

They think itís just a bind,

These are the people who hold us back,

And donít help a cure to find.


Unless we all work together,

This problem wonít be solved,

So letís all follow the rules weíve got,        

And feel weíve been involved.


Letís hope that from our doorsteps,

At eleven on the eleventh,

Our two minutes silence will be heard,

By our heroes up in heaven.