No 235       November 07


For those who havenít had it,

Corona Virus is really bad,

It drains all of the life from you,

Just to sleep all day seems mad.


Iíll just tell you our experience,

And what we both went through,

And pray that if you get it,

It may be of help to you.


So it makes us sleep all day,

But get that water down,

Itís an awful illness thatís for sure,

Something quite unknown.


It takes all your strength away,

And leaves you oh so weak,

You have to try to fight it,

Some inner strength you seek.


I think people take different times,

Some need longer than others,

Just rest and water will do the trick,

Itís your loved ones that it bothers.


Just to see Geoff turn that corner,

He had given me such a scare,

Things cross your mind that shouldnít,

Life without him I couldnít bear.


We may be getting on in years,

So if it comes to you,

Just think of these old gimmers,

If we can beat it so can you.