No 236       November 08


When Geoff was really poorly,

There was nothing he could eat,

Someone asked me to show them,

Home made cooking,(what a treat)


It’s been a while but I’m happy now,

I can tempt him with my cooking,

I must say I was worried,

At my food he was not looking.


So tonight what’s on the menu,

We’re having lamb, a pleasant surprise,

With sauté potatoes and onions,

Peppers, mushrooms and Yorkshire pudding, which rose 3 times in size.


We’re also having spring cabbage,

One of our favourite veg,

When we have finished all of this,

A diet we will pledge.


It’s easy to say you’ll diet,

When a good meal you’ve consumed,

I think now he’s back eating,

Normal service is resumed.


So it’s back into the kitchen,

My favourite place to be,

I can get on with my cooking,

Geoff’s much better I can see.