No 237       November 09


We’re going through a bad time,

Of that there is no doubt,

And some things are hard to live with,

This we could do without.


Most of us are feeling down,

But if we’ve to get through it,

We’ve got to think of the pluses,

Put your thinking caps on and do it.


Some poor folks in other countries,

Don’t have a home at all,

And the last time they had a meal,

They really can’t recall.


They’ve usually got little children,

And it must break their heart,

When they’ve nothing to give them,

And don’t know where to start.


So we’ve got a roof over our heads,

And a house that’s nice and warm,

And loved ones bringing what we need,

So we come to no harm.


So please think of your assets,

For your loneliness a hobby find,

There’s lots of people around you,

To help you, they won’t mind.


You could try knitting baby clothes,

Something not done in a few year,

But after all these lockdowns,

More grandchildren may appear.


Be strong willed and positive,

It’s all that we can do,

Think of our return to normality,

When we have all pulled through.