No 238       November 10


Another month of lockdown,

I wish some improvement we could see,

We need EVERYONE to be responsible,

If weíre ever to be free.


Most of us live by the rules,

Though our misery cannot hide,

So those of you who break the rules,

Should be fined and locked inside.


No-one knows how to beat this thing,

Itís brought the world on to itís knees,

So if the rules donít suit you,

Theyíre not put there to please.


I just canít see an end to this,

Our lives are ruined (such a shame),

Letís just pray that one day,

It will go as quickly as it came.


If we stay in another month,

And all do everything right,

Wouldnít it be marvellous,

To hear weíd won the fight.