No 239       November 11


Way back in March this year,

A poem a day I did mention,

Iíll soon have a book coming out,

That was never my intention.


But as you seem to like them,

Iíll try to carry on,

Needless to say Iíll be happy,

When all this mess is gone.


Business is thriving,

I now have some staff,

We all call him Fingers,

It helps to make us laugh.


His rate of pay is awful,

But he doesnít seem to mind,

With his age and the Covid,

Itís the best job he could find.


He also has another job,

Reference to which heíd never make,

Iíll let you into a secret,

Heís chief tester when I bake.


We think weíve done a lot of good,

Our verses hit the spot,

So letís keep on doing it,

At the moment itís all weíve got.