No 241       November 13


Geoff put my recipe on face book,

A lot of you want to try,

I suppose I could write a cook book,

Which some of you may buy.


But when youíve made all these delights,

Youíve got to have a taste,

But I donít want you to blame me,

When your pants wonít fit your waist.


I get a lot of pleasure,

From the baking that I do,

But I am very fortunate,

I give it all to you.


But I must admit the things I make,

I really love them all,

And the clothes in my wardrobe,

Range from extra large to small.


Of course the small didnít last long,

But theyíre still hanging there,

Iíd love to get back into them,

The possibilities very rare.


My favourite room in the house,

Is the kitchen as Iíve said,

I just would not be this shape,

If I could stay in bed.


Bedís not a place I like at all,

Sleep doesnít come easy to me,

So down I go to bake some more,

Even though itís only 3.