No 242       November 14


Although Iíve got my aches & pains,

I need something to do,

So when I can write these poems,

Itís helping me and you.


Iíve got what I was wanting,

Right from the very start,

To keep us feeling still in touch,

Though weíve to be apart.


Of course I miss our holidays,

And love to go away,

Itís made the best of a bad job,

To hear from you each day.


I suppose it would be easy,

To feel like giving in,

But then this damn Corona,

Would beat us and would win.


We really cannot have that,

Weíre made of stronger stuff,

One day the Corona will just go,

Weíve won and itís had enough.


So when we get the all clear,

And all this madness drops,

Iíll get back as you know me,

Iím off to hit the shops.