No 243       November 15


Geoffís got a new phone today,

So his old one I will get,

Heís done this many times before,

Iíve not mastered one yet.


I know Iím getting old now,

You know driving I dislike,

But I think phones dislike me,

I canít use the damn things right.


As soon as I get hold of one,

The picture goes away,

Iíve got to get Geoff to get it back,

A few choice words I say.


Theyíve got these little switches,

Which are hidden round the side,

Theyíre all put there to do something,

But from me they seem to hide.


It really should be easy,

Everyone I know has one,

But I canít even answer them,

The person ringing me has gone.


I donít know whether to press or swipe,

In fact they frighten me,

I will learn how to use this one,

My best mate it will be.


Because when I look around me,

Everybodyís got a phone,

So Iíll have one in my hand like you,

I donít want to feel alone.