No 244       November 16


I know you’ll all remember,

When you were very small,

Your mother putting washing up liquid in a tub,

For you to make bubbles I recall.


Well these little bubbles,

Seem to have gone away,

They get bigger by the minute.

And get larger every day.


But however big they make them,

They’ll not beat the one we’re in,

‘cause we’re the biggest bubble,

The best there’s ever been.


The bubble is so big now,

But the little ones never burst,

They all gather together,

Of it’s kind it is the first.


Celia’s bubble we’ll remember,

When all this has gone away,

But I’d like the little bubbles,

To stay friends and never stray.


2020’s been a rotten year,

And it’s not over yet,

The bubble that we started,

We’re not going to forget