No 245       November 17


Last night I saw my great granddaughter,

She put pen and paper in my hand,

She said can we write my Christmas list,

This joy I had not planned.


She said ďIíd like a tiaraĒ,

And of course a princess dress Iíll need,

I also need a computer,

If at school I must succeed.


Iíd also like you to get me,

A guitar, Iíd love to play,

I said who do you think will pay for these,

I donít work and get no pay.


She said Iíve got a fiver,

Iíll give it to you,

Because I havenít finished yet,

Thereís still another few.


Her granddad said ďI got an apple and an orangeĒ

I donít think that sunk in,

I just looked at her mother,

And said where do we begin.