No 246       November 18


We’ve been on Move Radio today.

The programme was Jean Webb’s,

We’ve really got to thank her,

We both feel like celebs.


I gave them some recipes,

Of things I know they’ll love,

It’s something to do right now,

When so much time we have.


Although the days all seem the same,

We’ve got to pass the time,

So get stuck in and bake a bit,

Hope it turns out just like mine.


The recipe I gave today,

I have made since I was eighteen,

I loved it when I was so young,

My passion it has been.


Although I love the things I bake,

I must say my body doesn’t,

So I give them all away,

To eat I know I mustn’t


But I usually have a little taste,

Although the calories I fight,

But I won’t give it to anyone,

Unless I know it’s right.