No 247       November 19


I wonít give up this poetry,

To tell the truth I canít,

When I run out of things to say

Iíll be an agony aunt.


With all my life experience,

I think I should be good,

If someone needed my advice,

Iíd help them if I could.


I suppose I would be limited,

Iím no hairdresser or nurse,

And of course my advice,

Would have to be in verse.


I know a lot about children,

Thatís an understatement for sure,

Iím glad we found the answer,

To not having any more.


I really think young men today,

Try to help and do their bit,

In my day it was different,

To ask for help they had a fit.


So I could be an agony aunt,

The agony Iíve known,

But now itís all just memories,

My how the time has flown.