No 248       November 20


Well, we are still in lockdown,

For months the times been rough,

Particularly for those alone,

Theyíve really had enough.


Well here we are, still writing poems,

I never thought weíd get here,

Well while everybodyís been locked down,

Iíve moved up a gear.


I didnít apply for any jobs,

Or send in a C.V.,

Although my age is against me,

No end to jobs I see,


Itís made our time pass quickly,

With lots of poems to write,

With Chat Shows and baking,

Sometimes I write at night.


Iíve tried to keep things topical,

But my life stories you know,

Iíve to think of different subjects,

To keep them on the go.


Sometimes I may have made you smile,

Sometimes even some chuckles,

Iím keeping Geoff very busy,

Heís worn his fingers to the knuckles.


Iíll not be sending cards this year,

No need to go to that trouble,

You see Iíve gathered all my friends,

And put them in a bubble.